“We elected to use C&C for two reasons, a recommendation from family and secondly because they advertise in our church bulletin. We purchased a very expensive system (>$15,000.00) which was installed on time in May of 2023. We had one issue post installation, and this was repaired timely. Our issue relates to customer service (or lack thereof) from C&C. At the time of purchase, we were advised that the unit was eligible for a rebate of $650 – $750 from PECO and that C&C would complete all of the required paperwork. We would then receive the rebate in approximately six (6) weeks. Now, 7 months have passed with no rebate. We have phoned C&C more than 12 times to remedy without success. We were told that the initial submission was incorrect by C&C, that it was fixed, that the check was in the mail, that they were investigating, etc. We have spoken to 3 different representatives of C&C including the General Manager and the follow-up can best be described as pathetic (we’ll get back to you, then nothing…). Finally, we spoke directly with PECO (who were very helpful) and PECO advised that the units we purchased are eligible for the rebates; however, there has NEVER BEEN a rebate request for our property from C&C. We advised C&C of this, and they are ‘still investigating’. We were told the owner would phone us directly – of course this never happened. Recently, we were told by a fourth different person from C&C that we would be getting a check ‘in days’ – this has not happened either. Months have passed, poor communication, empty promises, no accountability and terrible follow-up from their company – I would strongly advise finding another provider for your heating and cooling needs as this firm has yielded us nothing but frustration and hollow promises.”

– Mike A.