At Lennox, we make people feel comfortable in their homes. We make the air cooler, warmer, dryer, cleaner, and better, with innovative systems that are exceptionally quiet and energy efficient. All brought to you by Dealers with the expertise and resources to serve you in the best possible way.

Lennox XC25 air conditioner.

Air Conditioners

Lennox® air conditioners are amongst the quietest and most energy efficient units on the market. Delivering perfectly precise comfort control, Lennox air conditioners continually make small adjustments in fan speed and cooling output to hold your temperature exactly where you want it. Offering industry-leading efficiencies of up to 26.00 SEER, Lennox air conditioners can help you save hundreds of dollars every year in utility costs. And since some of the units are ENERGY STAR® certified, they may even qualify you for federal energy tax credits and local utility rebates. In addition, a number of Lennox air conditioners work with iComfort® S30 and iComfort® E30 smart thermostats, giving you even more control over your home's comfort-whether you are at home or away.

Lennox CBX40UHV air handler.

Air Handlers

Ideal for almost any home, Lennox® air handlers are some of the most efficient and quietest you can buy. Air handlers work with your air conditioner, heat pump or boiler to circulate air evenly throughout your home. During hot weather, the continuous air circulation helps to lower humidity level inside your home for even more comfort. Variable-speed technology allows select Lennox air handlers to deliver consistent temperatures and steady airflow, while using little energy. For additional comfort, you can add a Lennox EVENHEATER®, which preheats the air before circulating it. And for cleaner, healthier air, you can also add a PureAir™ air purification system, which removes airborne contaminates. Ruggedly constructed and rigorously tested, Lennox air handers ensure long lasting and reliable performance. In addition, some Lennox air handlers are compatible with the iComfort® S30 Smart Thermostat, which delivers unparalleled comfort control and connectivity, whether you're at home or away.

Lennox GWM-IE boiler.


Ideal for homes in northern regions, Lennox® boilers integrate easily with existing radiator or under-floor heating systems for energy-efficient comfort, all winter long. With efficiency ratings of up to 95% AFUE, Lennox boilers can help you save hundreds of dollars each year in utility bills, compared to older and standard- efficiency boilers. Designed for easy installation, and available in many different sizes and fuel options, all Lennox boilers are built with high-quality components for long-lasting operation. Every unit is fire-tested and inspected prior to shipping to insure the highest possible degree of operating reliability. So you can take comfort knowing your Lennox boiler will deliver dependable performance, season after season, year after year.

Lennox iComfort S30 thermostat.

Comfort Controls

Lennox® programmable and smart thermostats help you maximize the efficiency of your Lennox heating and cooling system. From the iComfort® S30 ultra smart thermostat to the ComfortSense® 7500 thermostat, Lennox combines innovation and technology to give you more comfort control than ever before. Lennox iComfort thermostats deliver precise comfort control, holding your home's temperature to within 0.5°of your chosen setting. The iComfort S30's and iComfort E30's SmartAway™ Mode helps you stay energy efficient, even when you're not at home. It uses the GPS in your smartphone to detect when you're leaving and automatically increases system efficiency. When you return, Smart Away changes your system to a normal schedule and more comfortable temperature. Other smart features include Allergen Defender, which monitors the air quality and pollen levels in your zip code and automatically turns the fan on to clean your home's air when outdoor levels are high, and Feels Like™, which takes into account temperature and humidity to make your home feel exactly like you want it. ComfortSense thermostats give you the ability to customize settings for every day of the week, and even let you compare your monthly heating and cooling usage, so you can adjust your settings to reduce energy consumption.

Lennox SLP98V furnace.


Lennox® gas and oil furnaces promise unsurpassed comfort. Innovative design and technology automatically adjusts outputs in precise and minute increments to hold temperatures exactly where you want them. As quiet as they are efficient, Lennox furnaces combine advanced technology, engineering and sound-absorbing insulation to ensure whisper-quiet operation. Offering industry-leading efficiencies, Lennox furnaces can help save you hundreds of dollars in utility costs every year. Some Lennox furnaces are ENERGY STAR® certified, which may qualify you for federal energy tax credits and local utility rebates. No other manufacturer can match our products for efficiency, comfort, precision, quiet and customer satisfaction. Available in variety of types, from a variable-capacity gas furnace to a two-stage gas furnace, and a variety of oil furnaces, Lennox offers a range of options to meet everyone's heating needs.

Lennox XP25 heat pump.

Heat Pumps

Lennox® heat pumps are some of the most precise and efficient you can buy. Delivering effective temperature and humidity control, and efficient energy usage, Lennox heat pumps keep your home's temperature exactly where you want it. The units work like an all-in-one cooling and heating system, and are perfectly suited to warmer climates. During summer months, the heat pump works like an air conditioner, extracting heat from inside your home and moving it outdoors. When the weather turns cooler, the process is reversed as the unit collects heat from the air outside and transfers it inside. Extremely quiet and exceptionally efficient, Lennox heat pumps deliver industry-leading efficiencies of up to 23.50 SEER and 10.20 HSPF, which can help save you hundreds of dollars every year in utility costs. For maximum flexibility and energy savings, single fuel and dual fuel models are available. Dual fuel models need to be installed with a compatible furnace, creating a system that can automatically switch back and forth between electricity and gas, based on whichever is most cost-efficient in your area.

Lennox PureAir air purifier.

Indoor Air Quality

A Lennox® PureAir™ whole-home air purification system improves indoor air quality better than any single system you can buy. Many technologies only combat one or two categories of air contaminants, and often only in a single room. The PureAir air purification system is the only single indoor air quality system to combat all three classes of indoor air contaminants-particulate, bioaerosols and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The PureAir air purification system reduces indoor air pollutant levels through a combination of hospital-grade filtration and a contaminate removal process called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO). The process involves three steps. Step one, the Carbon Clean 16® filter captures particles and bioaerosols as small as 0.01 micron, removing them from the airstream. Step two, as the odor-and-chemical-vapor-filled airstream flows through the PCO cartridge, the airstream is exposed to the catalytic surface (titanium-dioxide-coated PureAir cartridge). Step three, the light energy from the UVA lamp and catalyst work together to break down odors and chemical vapors into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Unlike other air purification products on the market, the PureAir system does not produce any ozone as a by-product and actively works to reduce ozone, a known lung irritant.

Lennox MPB mini-split system.

Ductless Systems

Lennox® mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners are ideal for heating and cooling spaces like add-on rooms and sunrooms where installing or extending ductwork isn't possible. Secure and convenient, mini-split systems are easy to install, using a compact indoor and outdoor unit connected through a small hole in your wall. One outdoor unit can support up to five indoor comfort zones, providing you with a customized whole-home heating or cooling solution. With efficiencies of up to 24.5 SEER and 11.5 HSPF, Lennox mini-split systems deliver energy-efficient comfort, and may even make you eligible for money-saving rebates. Smooth inverter technology ensures quiet operation and keeps cooled or heated air flowing without the typical starts and stops of conventional systems, virtually eliminating temperature swings. Select mini-split heat pumps also offer outstanding cold-climate capabilities, operating in temperatures as low as -22°F.

Lennox LRP16GE packaged unit.

Packaged Units

Lennox® packaged units are an all-in-one heating and cooling solution that's idea for homes built on a crawlspace instead of a basement. The units have a compact footprint that allows for a quick installation and blends in with your outdoor environment. Designed with convenience in mind, the units can be installed on a rooftop or outside your home, connecting to your ductwork through a secure opening in the wall. Lennox packaged units are available in gas/electric, electric/electric, heat pump and dual-fuel models. As efficient as they are versatile, Lennox packaged units offer efficiencies of up to 16 SEER and 8.20 HSPF, helping you stay energy efficient and comfortable, too. Constructed from the highest quality materials, Lennox packaged units are ruggedly designed to deliver year after year of reliable, energy-efficient operation. In addition, Lennox packaged units are compatible with the Lennox Healthy Climate® air purification accessory, which helps to make the air in your home healthier by removing three types of airborne contaminants-particulates, bioaerosols and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).